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Joint adventures do not have to be always some kind of boring happenings. Joyful adventures may be the source of happiness for all the participants and they may even develop a spirit of belonging together.

Why not visit a wonderful tropical island in the framework of this years class tour? Are they too far away? And are they too expensive? Maybe not. The above offer is valid from Monday till Friday in case there are 15 persons participating. After each 10th student the entry of an accompanying person is free of charge. The price covers using the adventure elements and the pools as well.

Package prices: 

  • 4 hour (under 14 year) 1.490 HUF / person
  • 4 hour (for student above 14 years): 2.290 HUF / person   

The class tour offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. 

Valid: from Monday to Friday 

Except: on weekends, Bank Holidays, National Halidays and school breaks


  • min. 15 people
  • every other adoult gets 30% discount from the ticket prices  
  • One adult can enter free with 10 children.
  • After the 4 hours you have 15 minutes to change your clothes. After 15 minutes the system counts 30 HUF/ minute / person.
  • The prices do not include the use of saunaworld and the catering.
  • you should make an appointment via e-mail min. one week before arriving. Please send your e-mail to the address.

Preferential food:
 „A class” menu: one slice of pizza + Somlói chocolate cup cream + 0,2 l Homemade limonade = 1190 HUF / person
„B class” menu: Turkey breast slices in almond crumb + Rice with vegetables + 0,2 l Homemade limonade = 1450 HUF / person
Menus must be ordered 1 week before arriving.

There are height regulations due to the using of slides at Aquaworld. For further information please visit our website!

More information:
Tel.: 06/1 2313-778

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