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We are awaiting you in Aquaworld with a world of saunas
Our special saunas include the following: dry sauna, outdoors wooden sauna, steam sauna, bio sauna, infra sauna, crystal sauna, tepidarium, ice chamber, plunging pool, treading Kneipp pool, and a quiet resting area.

The absolutely harmonious design of Sauna World, in the area underneath the mountain river, reflects a relaxing oriental atmosphere, and it has a capacity of 200.
Aromatic infusions in the room-temperature tepidarium (hot bath) with heated beds or in the steam and aroma cabins are a treat to the senses and have a cleaning and healingeffect on the entire body.

The high-temperature Finnish sauna is complete with snow chamber, with ice flakes and icy water to ensure gradual cooling-down. In addition, visitors can purify their system in the highly popular infra saunas, or choose one of the specially designed bio-sauna, crystal or Russian saunas.

Hydrotherapyin the Kneipp basin is based on the principle of gentle impulses provoked by alternating exposure to hot and cold water, which has a beneficial effect on the human metabolism and boosts circulation.

Sauna towel rental fee: 300 HUF / pc

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there are classic sauna where everyone should be nude (without swimsuit).

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