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On this page we collected all useful information You have to know befor arriving!

Using the sauna

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there are classic sauna.

Using the sauna is the sole responsibility of the guest, with regard to their health status. Children under 14 are not allowed to use the Sauna World. Saunas may be used in appropriate clothes (without swimsuit and swimming trunks, covering intimate body parts with a sauna towel). Using sauna towels and sheets is obligatory in the saunas. Before using the sauna and between two sessions, taking ashower is obligatory. Before using the dip pool, taking a shower is obligatory.In the entrance area of the sauna, wearing slippers is obligatory. Stepping onto the sauna benches in slippers is forbidden. Using essential oils in the saunas is only possible with the consent of the other guests.

Using the slides

ALL the slides continously operate between 10:00 am-9:30 pm.

The use of slides is regulated by the management of Aquaworld Zrt. as follows:

Children younger than 14 years of age, accompanied by parents, caretakers or other adult persons, arriving to Aquaworld spa, can use slides only with the below conditions.

The giant slides starting from the 5th level of the slide tower (Tornado, Kamikaze, Flying carpet) can only be used by children of at least 140 cm height (measured to the top of head) or children taller than 140cm,
The giant slides starting from the 4th level of the slidetowert (Ufo, Black hole) can only be used by children of at least 130 cm height (measured to the top of head) or children taller than 130 cm. ( Except for Rainbow - 120 cm)

Use of slides not starting from the slide tower:

  • Onion slide, for children with min. 130 cm body height or taller, and safe swimming skills
  • Mountain stream (Hegyi-folyó) slide, for min. 130 cm body height or taller,
  • The Family slide can be used without any of the above limitations.
  • The Wave and Jungle slides located in the children’s pool can be used exclusively by children of 3-10 years of age.

Using the pools

Dear guests! We would like to inform you that the outdoor adventure pool is open every day because of the good weather!

The use of the children’s pool:

• Parental supervision is required for all children ages 0-6.
• The use of swimming nappy is obligatory.

The Onion pool, Jumping pool and Surf pool are provided only for guests above 14 years of age and with safe swimming capability.


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Have a good time!

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