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Interstate Real Estate Developer PLC., the investor of the Aquaworld Resort Budapest  complex project, has been active in real estate development for almost two decades. It will put to use its experiences in residential park and business facility construction and greenfield investments to boost the appreciation of development zones in a new dimension in the context of the European-scale development of Aquaworld Budapest. Through the project, the company assumes a significant, international-level, part in the development of the wellness market, a prospective market leader industry, and it contributes to boosting the tourist appeal and competitiveness of Budapest.

In 2006 Aquaworld Hotel and Water Theme Park PLC. was created as operator of the establishment, it is an own-property company with own professional management.
The two companies have similar ownership structures including domestic and foreign companies and domestic private individuals.

Aquaworld Resort Budapest will create a total of almost 350 jobs.

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Company profile
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