Janssen Luxury facial treatments

 Special and exclusive saloon treatments tailored to individual needs.


Janssen Luxury facial treatments 60’ – peeling + active agent wrap, mask, vial+massage - 12 900 HUF

Special and exclusive saloon treatments tailored to individual needs.

  • Hydrating treatment with caviar for exhausted skin
    Use caviar against the harmful effects of the environment! Caviar is rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins, therefore it activates regeneration of the cells, nourishes the skin and reduces the visible symptoms of harmful environmental effects on the skin. A long term, deep moisturiser, helps to reduce and avoid wrinkles around the eyes, improves the elasticity of the skin, supports the skin’s micro-circulation and oxygen intake, increases the build up of new cells.

  • Nettle treatment to enhance circulation and vitality 
    Vitality with nettle! The main product of the treatment is a special and exclusive gel mask, which activates blood circulation, enabling the skin to absorb a large amount of active agent used during the treatment.

  • Collagen anti-wrinkle treatment for all skin types
    Elastic skin on the face, youthful contours! Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and the tissues under it. However, with the advance of years, elasticity and water retaining capacity of the collagen fi bres decreases, making it especially critical around the eyes and mouth. This special mask, containing herbal collagen promotes the renewal of the cells by improving the structure of the fi bres under the skin. Facial contour becomes more subtle, and the skin more youthful.

  • Melanin balancing lightening treatment
    Healthy skin is homogenous, clear and beautiful. As opposed to this, stressed, exhausted skin is unusually pale with visible and disturbing pigment patches. The mask that contains a lightening agent and anti-oxidant will exert its effect in a short time. The skin regains its healthy radiance, becomes homogenous and smooth, and besides its radiant look, it also feels soft like silk.
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