Helia-D Professional

 Helia-D Professional introduces a new dimension of beauty care to preserve the natural beauty, youthfulness and vitality of the skin by utilizing the experience of the past, and the achievements of the scientific researches of the present, and by focusing on Hungarian plant derived active ingredients. 

Deep Hydration Facial Care with Tokaji Aszú grape seed oils - 60' 

Tokaji Aszú is a unique Hungarian wine with active ingredients that provide gentle and intensive hydration. Improves the metabolism of the skin, thus boosts blood circulation, and works on the epidermis. Recommended for all skin types, and for men to end irritation caused by shaving.

Vitalizing Collagen Facial Care with Pándi cherry concentrate and marine collagen - 60'

Due to its marine collagen and cherry content, it combines all skin care attributes. Containing a wide variety of vitamins (e.g. vitamin A, B, C, E and P), this product improves skin vitality, delays wrinkle formation, and reduces existing ones. 

Recommended for all skin types with surface wrinkles.

Skin Lifting Facial Care with Szatmári Szilva extract - 60'

Szatmári Szilva (plum) is particularly rich in Vitamin P, but also contains carbohydrate, fruit acids and minerals. Due to the effect of the Nunatak® extract and Szatmári Szilva, skin structure and cell activity improves, and wrinkle depth decreases. Recommended for treating and nourishing sensitive, inflammation inclined skin. 

Anti-aging Facial Care with apple extract - 60'


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