Oriental massages

  Joy of life and positive thinking.It is entirely unique in its application of movement, rhythm and touch, combining them into a dynamic and magic unity.


Oriental massages

  • Watsu - Water-Shiatsu massage 50’ - 10 900 HUF
    Watsu®, or water Shiatsu is a new type of massage, regarded as the most signifi cant advance in today’s body treatment practice. It combines the transmissive, benefi cial and healing power of water with the ancient elements of shiatsu medicine. Apart from improving health and mood, Watsu is a great way to fi nd our inner self. During the treatment we may experience a wide range of emotions that we ignored during our lives, and we may be able to let them go through the continuous flow, thus when emerging from the water we will feel more complete, free of stress and relieved.
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