Physical and spiritual relaxation

The absolutely harmonious design of Sauna World, in the area underneath the mountain river, reflects a relaxing oriental atmosphere, and it has a capacity of 200.


Get relieved from everyday stress and tension...

Our Sauna World offers a wide variety of saunas and related activities in one of Budapest’s largest sauna facilities.

  • Finnish Sauna; 75-90 °C
  • Russian Sauna: 75-90 °C
  • 2 Steam Cabins: 45-55 °C
  • 1 Bio Sauna: 50-60 °C
  • 1 Aroma Sauna: 50-60 °C
  • 1 Infra Cabin: 50-60 °C
  • 1 Crystal Sauna: 80-85 °C
  • 1 Tepidarium: 37-39 °C
  • 2 Ice Chambers: 5-10 °C
  • Salt Chamber 25 °C
  • Diving Pool 16-18 °C
  • Kneipp Pool 16-18 °C

We would love to provide for guests who adore saunas, or wish to get familiar with them, and who would leave the whole world behind to enjoy the benefits or proper sauna usage.

The Saunas are to be used wearing towels, sauna sheets, or special sauna clothing.

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 10:00 until closing hours, the Aquaworld Sauna area must be used wearing sheets or towels (sauna clothing, sauna skirts), and wearing bathing suits is forbidden.

*Excluding school holidays and holidays, and the Crystal Sauna all year round.





Sauna ticket (2 hours) *3 500*32 000
Sauna ticket (3 hours) *4 700*42 000
Sauna seance1000


*The sauna ticket and sauna pass is only for using the Sauna World for 2 or 3 hours. After leaving the Sauna World there are 20 minutes provided for changing. For further minutes spent in the Sauna World or in the pool area a fee of 50 HUF/minutes will be charged.

Children up to 14 years are not allowed to use the Sauna World.

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