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Get relieved from everyday stress and tension...

Our Sauna World offers a wide variety of saunas and related activities in one of Budapest’s largest sauna facilities.


  • Finnish Sauna; 75-90 °C
  • Steam Cabins: 45-55 °C
  • Bio Sauna: 50-60 °C
  • Infra Cabin: 50-60 °C
  • Tepidarium: 37-39 °C
  • Salt Chamber 25 °C
  • Kneipp Pool 16-18 °C

We would love to provide for guests who adore saunas, or wish to get familiar with them, and who would leave the whole world behind to enjoy the benefits or proper sauna usage.

Saunaworld with NO SWIMSUIT

  • Finnish Sauna; 75-90 °C
  • Russian Sauna: 75-90 °C
  • Steam Cabins: 45-55 °C
  • Ice Chambers: 5-10 °C
  • Aroma Sauna: 50-60 °C
  • Salt Chamber 25 °C
  • Tepidarium: 37-39 °C
  • Diving Pool 16-18 °C

We would love to provide for guests who adore saunas, or wish to get familiar with them, and who would leave the whole world behind to enjoy the benefits or proper sauna usage.

The Saunas are to be used wearing towels, sauna sheets, or special sauna clothing. 
Only guests over the age of 18 can stay in the suit-free sauna world!


  1. It is forbidden to use the saunas in swimwear!
  2. No flipflops! Leave them by the entrance of the sauna cabin.
  3. Guests arriving from the spa are required to shower before using the swimsuit-free saunas.
  4. The saunas can only be used after taking a shower, with a dry body.
  5. Everyone should cover the bench underneath them with a sauna sheet or towel to ensure that their skin does not come into contact with the sauna bench.
  6. Before and after using the plunge pool, a shower is mandatory to remove the chlorinated water.
  7. The plunge pool cannot be used in a sauna sheet; however, it can be used naked or in a swimsuit.
  8. Private parts of the body must be covered in passageways!
  9. The Tepidarium cannot be used with a naked body and it is mandatory to cover the benches or loungers before use.
  10. No one can be obliged to strip naked in the swimsuit-free sauna if they wish to use the sauna in a sauna skirt made from natural fabric or a sauna dress / sheet etc.
  11. No one can be obliged to use the swimsuit-free sauna with a covered body, but guests are expected to assume a decent posture.
  12. It is forbidden to use cameras and mobile phones in the bathing suit free sauna area or to bring such devices into the sauna area.
  13. Apart from using scrubbing gloves, no other skin care materials, tools, routines, or activities (e.g. shaving) are allowed.
  14. It is forbidden to pour any liquids on the sauna stones! Only the staff may sprinkle such liquids on the sauna stones.
  15. SaunaSeances® can be attended by booking in advance or, subject to availability, by purchasing an e-token. More information is available at the sauna desk.
  16. Saunas cannot be used during the preparation of SaunaSeances® or after the end of the sessions (due to packing, cleaning, ventilation, and drying).
  17. If a SaunaSeance® has already started, it is not allowed to enter and disturb it.
  18. You may not touch or take away any of the refreshments and preparations prepared for SaunaSeance® participants.





Sauna ticket (2 hours) *3 800*34 000
Sauna ticket (3 hours) *5 200*47 000
Sauna seance1000


*The sauna ticket and sauna pass is only for using the Sauna World for 2 or 3 hours. After leaving the Sauna World there are 20 minutes provided for changing. For further minutes spent in the Sauna World or in the pool area a fee of 50 HUF/minutes will be charged.

Children up to 14 years are not allowed to use the Sauna World.

Sauna Etiquette

Here are some useful tips for those about to go to the sauna:

  • Sauna up to 4 times a day. Experienced sauna-goers can go a maximum of 5 times, but exceeding this limit does not serve the preservation of our health.
  • Leave your slippers outside the sauna!
  • Enter with a dry body and textile! Having a dry body makes it easier to achieve sweating and detoxification.
  • Always lay a textile underneath yourself!
  • Avoid using strongly scented cosmetics and perfumes!
  • Politics and religion are excluded! It is not appropriate to discuss religion and politics in the sauna and sauna world.
  • Keep the noise down!
  • Maintain a proper distance! Take a seat and position yourself in a way that your sweat does not drip onto your fellow sauna-goers.
  • Only use the plunge pool after showering!
  • When using the plunge pool, immerse yourself, and do not jump!
  • It is not appropriate to eat and drink in the sauna cabin.
  • Sauna is FORBIDDEN when under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances!
  • Before sauna, consume plenty of fluids, not during.
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