Exclusive body treatments

 All of these massage stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies, relaxes muscles and tranquillizes the nervous system. By harmonizing chakras and meridians, together with the smoothing of the body the soul also relaxes.

Exclusive body treatments 

  • Lava stone massage 60’
    The effect of warm lava stones, combined with manual massage enhances blood circulation, detoxifi es, relaxes the muscles and calms the nerves. By harmonizing chakras and meridians, relaxes both body and mind. This leads to physical and spiritual renewal and balance.

  • Hamam 60’
    Hamam ritual is completed with hamam massage. The massage is done on a pre-heated marble table, with the masseur wearing massage gloves. After rubbing, the skin is cleared with a silky foam of olive soap, using tender strokes. Finally a special massage technique is applied to the entire body.

  • Shiatsu massage 60’
    Japanese massage technique built partly on Chinese acu-pressure. It helps create and maintain the harmony of energy circulation in the body, thus promoting health, and curing pain and illnesses. Modern shiatsu takes the human body, mind and soul as a unity, therefore the treatments are effective against specific symptoms as well as initiating gentle calming inner processes, resulting in benefi cial changes.

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