Only for those over 14 years old.

In our sauna world a natural section as well as one for those who prefer to wear a swimsuit can be found.

Both sections have a steam bath as well as a Finnish sauna, furthermore, the „swimsuit section” has a bio sauna, while the natural section has an aroma room. A sauna sheet and a towel are provided if you want to use the sauna. 

The temperature of the bio sauna is 50-55°C and its humidity is around 20 %. It affects all our senses; it combines colour-, light- and aromatherapy at the same time. It refreshes and relaxes you.  Six people simultaneously can conveniently use it at the same time. The temperature of the steam bath is 45-55°C with high humidity. Its advantage is that it is less of a burden for the heart than the Finnish sauna with its high temperature and low humidity. About six people can simultaneously use the steam sauna conveniently at the same time. 

The purpose of the aroma sauna is to achieve harmony of the soul, it is the combination of scent and steam that promises therapy. It is suitable to dissolve internal unrest, to ease nervous tension. It has a stimulating effect on people suffering from sleep disorder, on those suffering from stress, but it also comforts anxiety. About six people can simultaneously use the sauna conveniently at the same time. 
The Finnish sauna is the place for physical and psychical renewal. It promotes detoxification, it stimulates metabolism, relaxes and loosens up muscles. It also stimulates the functions of the circulation systems, strengthens the immune system and improves the elasticity of the skin. About six people can simultaneously use the sauna conveniently at the same time. 

Sauna - steam 
Instructions for use

  • The sauna/steam bath can be used at one’s own responsibility. (Ask for your doctor’s opinion before use!)
  • Take your time for using the sauna or the steam bath and take your time for having some rest afterwards!
  • It is not advisable to use the sauna/steam bath in an exhausted physical condition, with your stomach empty or full, or following the consumption of alcohol!
  • Have a shower before, remove smudge from your skin (sweat, cream, remains of deo spray).Wipe yourself dry!
  • You are asked to leave your slippers outside the hot areas.
  • Always use a towel or a sauna sheet before sitting on the bench.
  • Since our hot areas are co-educated, you are asked to cover the intimate parts of your body.
  • After leaving the hot area, cool yourself using a cold shower, rub yourself dry and have at least a 10 minutes’ rest!
  • Drink a lot of fluid, non-carbonated mineral water or herbal tea, if possible!
  • Don’t wear jewellery while using the sauna, because the same way as your body, the jewellery you’re wearing will also become hot. 

What is the difference between a sauna and a steam bath?

In the sauna the temperature is around 80-90 ° C, higher than that in the steam bath, where its maximum is 40-60 ° C. The relative humidity is, however, lower in the sauna (approx. 30 %) than that in the steam, where it can reach even 80 %. The sauna makes you sweat hard, while the less hot, wet steam makes you sweat more gently. You are advised to spend 8-15 minutes on the upper bench of the sauna, on the lower bench this time span can be longer. It is important to mention that even the healthy bather should not spend more than 10-15 minutes in the steam at the same time. Occasionally maximum 3 circles are recommended, with 10-15 minutes resting time between them.


Why a steam bath is recommended before treatment:

While steam bathing, your skin takes water, it becomes hydrated by the wet steam. Since the steam enlarges the poles, following a steam bath creams and masks get absorbed more easily.  Another beneficial effect of the warm steam is that it brings about a fullness of blood, which enables the skin to take a larger amount of nutritive as well as more oxygen. As a result of regular steam bathing the replacement of the epidermis, the formation of new cells gets quicker and the skin becomes elastic and velvety. Following treatment with active ingredients, don’t use our bathroom facilities!


The positive effects of the sauna/steam

  • It trains the heart and improves blood circulation
  • Strengthens the immune system, thus reducing eventualities for respiratory infections
  • It helps stress relief
  • Toxic substances leave our body together with the perspiration
  • It produces a velvety skin
  • It relieves stiffness
  • It is efficient for loosening the often occurring muscles contractions in those who are doing office work, especially if the sauna/steam bathing is completed with swimming and a massage

Counter suggestions:

Never forget to ask for the opinion of your doctor before using the sauna/steam bath! 

  • Tumorous diseases
  • Infectious diseases
  • Open wounds



Hamam is a traditional Turkish bath, one of the most pleasant forms of detoxification. In addition to bodily cleaning some sort of psychical and spiritual refreshment also takes place and spiritual senses also undergo cleansing.

Hamam massage – The massage takes place on a pre-heated marble slab with a masseur wearing massage gloves. Following scrubbing, he loosens the smudge from the skin with a silky foam obtained from olive oil soap with smoothing movements and then he kneads the whole body. Then, by way of alternating cold and warm water, they refresh and clean the client’s body. The temperature of the steam is about 40°C.

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