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 Enjoy the power of fruits.
The active ingredients together with the scent of the fruit guarantee the perfect wellness feeling. In addition, your blood circulation will improve.

Janssen Spa World – aromatherapy massages, body treatments

  • Cranberry treatment/ Energizing with cranberry extract 
    Fill up your body and soul with the fruits of Eden. Thanks to the cranberry extract, the skin is renewed and rejuvenated. The active ingredients, together with the scent of the fruit will ensure the perfect wellness experience. The treatment enhances blood circulation, which leads to fi rmer skin. The pleasant fruit smell and the gentle movements of the ritual awaken the dormant energies of the body.

  • Chocolate treatment / Chocolate pampering
    Immerse in the empire of senses. While the skin is made radiant and especially elastic by the cocoa butter, the soul also finds its harmony. During the treatment the body experiences a rush of endorphin, leading to total relaxation, happiness and tranquillity of body and soul.

  • Grape treatment /Rejuvenating grape seed treatment
    Delete years from your true age with the help of grape seed extract. Grape seed extract, just like wine has a very good anti-oxidant effect, besides contributing to stronger collagen fi bres in the skin, thus restoring the elasticity of the skin, enhancing its immunity and delaying aging and the forming of wrinkles.

  • Green tea treatment/ Purifying with green tea
    Detoxicate with the power of green tea. While green tea increases the elasticity of the skin by enhancing lymph circulation, toxins get cleared away from among the cells. The texture of the skin becomes visibly younger. This treatment is highly recommended in spring or accompanying any detoxifying/purifying scheme.

  • Peat-therapy treatment / Peat-therapy regeneration
    Vitalise your skin with active ingredients found in thousands of years old peat. The peat based cream contains minerals, micro elements and phito-hormones in a unique combination, instantly ready to be built in. Due to its effect, cell metabolism is enhanced, lymph and circulatory system is relieved, while the precious herbs and minerals fi nd their way into the body through the skin. It is a perfect regeneration for both body and skin.

  • Algae treatment / Skin perfecting with algae
    Make your skin more elastic and perfect. Algae contain several precious treasures for those wishing to attain more beauty. Thanks to its rich combination of active ingredients it moisturises deeply, fi lls the tissues with minerals and decreases fat build-up and liquid retainment. Algae are effective treatment even in cases of stretch marks and striae.

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