Summer camps in the Waterpark!

It is what you have been waiting for all through the school year, isn’t it? Summer is coming, so it’s time you joined Aquaworld summer camp!

Water games, water sports, skills developing games, handcrafts courses, sports (football, volleyball, water polo), lots of slides and friendships for a lifetime! From June to August swimming-, sport-, and diving camps in Aquaworld!

Discover Aquaworld with us, camp with us, and we promise you go back to school with unforgettable memories!

Birthday Party

HAVE YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY IN AQUAWORLD! If you wish to surprise your child with an unforgettable birthday party, then come and celebrate this special day in the Aqua Empire!

Class trips

Common experience doesn’t necessary mean something boring. How about organizing this year’s class trip to a wonderful tropical island? You mean, those are too far away? And the journey costs too much? Come on! Perhaps you should try with your class our Water Empire!

Baby swimming

Baby swimming on each day of the week in Aquaworld! After spending 9 months in the belly, the baby feels really at home in the water.

Aquaworld Swim Academy

Swim & Fun! Learn from the bests while having fun!

If you want to learn how to swim, or just want to improve your swimming skills, the Aquaworld Swim Academy is the best choice! We created the most efficient way to learn the basics of swimming for every age group.

Sauna World

Sauna world – separated from the busy space of the spa – is an island of tranquillity, scene of regaining health of both body and soul. Its 11 different units demonstrate the magic of sauna culture, thus contributing to regenerating both mental and physical strength, required in everyday life.

Sauna world offers Russian and Finnish sauna, as well as outdoor log sauna, steam cabin, bio sauna, infra sauna, crystal sauna, tepidarium, ice cabin, dip pool, Kneipp pool and peaceful and quiet areas to relax. Open every day from 10:00 to 21:30.

Learn to dive

Extreme sports are also available in our Waterpark! First try our teaser diving programme. If you liked it, enrol to a course, and take your exam as indoor diver at us!To become an accomplished scuba diver, first you learn the fundamentals and then build on these basic skills. You’ll have fun doing it!

For external instructors we offer pool rental.

Water walking ball

Walk on the water! The most popular attraction of the wave pool is the zorb ball. An unforgettable experience for both kids an adults. Good fun is guaranteed.


A unique experience that stirs up your body and soul! Within the sauna world of the spa you will find opportunity to relax your entire body. In Aquaworld, we offer the right form of massage for everyone.

Bongo Kids Club playhouse

If you wish to not only simply enjoy yourself in the water, then you are awaited by our huge continental game world as well, the Bongo Kids Club!

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday:10 am - 9 pm

Aquaworld Shop

We welcome our customers in our shop at the entrance of the AQUAWORLD, opposite of the cashiers' desk! We offer a great service and a wide range of products!

Fast & Fine Restaurant and Bar

Our permanent and daily changing meals made from fresh raw materials include the favourites of children and low-calorie meals as well, in addition to the traditional treats.
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