Janssen Mini Spa facial treatments

 Express beauty! Mini facial treatments are available even for the busiest of our guests

Janssen Mini Spa facial treatments 30’ – peeling + active ingredient massage

After peeling the top dead cells of the skin we apply a pampering professional massage technique to fi ll your skin with the active agents appropriate for your skin type.

  • Hydrating massage • Revitalizing massage • Eye area treatment • Face, neck, décolleté massage
  • Hydrating massage for men

Janssen Mini Spa intensive facial treatments 30’ – peeling + active agent mask

Within just thirty minutes your skin becomes defi nitely radiant and smooth. The fresh and relaxing treatments are guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate the face and make the eyes shine bright.

  • Lingonberry thermo peeling
    Warming cream mask and peeling inon, with skin smoothing effect, died and mashed lingonberries apllied. You may experience increased heat while using the product. The temporary heatwave generated by the product during the treamtnet is a special experience. It removes dead epithelial cells, prevents premature skin ageing, whilst increasing the skin’s hydration and cleaning the pores. Also facilitates the skin’s natural regeneration capabilities. 
  • Intensive white tea hydrating mask
    The natural white tea extract is especially rich in flavonids, vitamin C and E, that make it one of the most efficient antioxidants. The mask opens the pores, allowing the active agent to reach deeper layers, hydrating and regenerating the skin.
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