Baby swimming

Baby swimming 5 times a week in the Aquaworld (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday)!
After spending 9 months in the belly the baby feels really at home in the water.

After nine months inside, babies feel athome in the water. Following a little practice, they even put their heads under water, where they are reminded of the nice atmosphere of thewomb, therefore are happy to be there. In the dive, they are accompanied by their mothers and fathers, who will also treasure the experience of the family swimming together, for a lifetime.

The nice, lukewarm water has a relaxing effect on the little ones, so they float lightly. Up to a few months of age, babies still possess the so called diving reflex, which means when under water, they instinctively blow the air out of their noses and block their larynx in order to keep the water out. Babies bravely plunge into the water, with open eyes and mouth.

At the age of three months, their movements are more intensive in the water than on land. It is an elevating feeling to watch the surprised and happy faces and of the swimming babies, as they wave their fat little arms and legs.

Above all, swimming is very healthy. It exercises all the muscles of the baby’s body, extends the capacity of the lungs, strengthens the muscles along the spine as well as those of the arms and legs. Youngsters are exposed to unusual sound-, light and tactile experiences, which stimulate their sight of space and sense of weight.

During the session, it is the parents who play with the baby, the instructor only directs and demonstrates thecorrect way of doing the exercises, and holding the baby in the water. These are unique moments, when the world seizes to exist for the parent and child. As parents become more and more self confident, they can assist bravely their babies to float in the water and experience the feeling that does not compare to anything.

Prices of baby swimming sessions (from 11th April 2023):

1 occasion baby swimming training on weekdays: 5 500 HUF/2 hours/ 1 baby & 1 adult

1 occasion baby swimming training on weekends: 6 000 HUF/2 hours/ 1 baby & 1 adult

6occasion baby swimming training: 30 000 HUF/5 occasions/2 hours/1 baby d 1 adult


The five-occasion pass entitles participants of swimming training to staying 2 hours on the premises. Above this time limit 50 HUF/minute price will be charged upon leaving, by the exit. Validity of the pass is 35 calendar days.

The ten-occasion brother and sister passentitles participants of swimming training to staying 2 hours on the premises during each occasion. Above this time limit 40 HUF/minute pricewill be charged upon leaving, by the exit. This type of pass is issued by Aquaworld, following a written requirement from the swimming instructor, stating the name of the person who purchased the pass. Validity of the pass is 35 calendar days.

For appointment with the instructors, please call the number below.

If you feel like playing a bit on land as well, after the water-fun, let us welcome you to the Bongo Kids Club playhouse!

Have a nice time!


Katalin Stoller, tel: +36 20 324 5117

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