Deluxe massages from the East

 Traditional Thai massage

 Its outstanding efficiency lies in the specific stretching and cracking of the particular parts of the body.

Oriental Thai massages

  • Thai traditional massage 30’, 60’, 90’ 
    Traditional oriental massage by pressing and stretching the muscles wishes to ensure the free fl ow of energy. Thai masseurs use their fi ngers as well as their hands, fi sts, elbows, knees and feet while massaging the different areas of the body, and freeing the energy blocks.

  • Thai oil massage 30’, 60’, 90’ 
    Essential oils and traditional massage technique will exert their benefi cial effects by using both senses of touch and smell. The oily massage stimulates blood circulation, and the essential oils embrace the body and have an effect through being inhaled.
  • Thai herbal massage 60’ 
    A combination of traditional Thai massage and herbal steam. The steaming herbs, rubbed in with a sack, with the heat of the steam and oils of herbs will invigorate blood circulation and activate muscles and rigid joints.

  • Thai foot massage 30’ 60’
    This natural therapy with the history of three thousand years will stimulate and enhance the activity and function of the internal organs. It balances the undisturbed functioning of lymph and blood circulation, improves condition and stamina.

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