Janssen Luxury facial treatments

Special and exclusive saloon treatments tailored to individual needs.

Janssen Luxury facial treatments 60’ – peeling + active agent wrap, mask, vial+massage

Special and exclusive saloon treatments tailored to individual needs.

  • Hydrating treatment with caviar for exhausted skin
    Use caviar against the harmful effects of the environment! Caviar is rich in amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins, therefore it activates regeneration of the cells, nourishes the skin and reduces the visible symptoms of harmful environmental effects on the skin. A long term, deep moisturiser, helps to reduce and avoid wrinkles around the eyes, improves the elasticity of the skin, supports the skin’s micro-circulation and oxygen intake, increases the build up of new cells.

  • Hydrating facial treatment with vitamin C
    Acerola cherries not only serve as excellent antioxidants and receptors for free radicals, but stimulate the skin’s collagen synthesis due to their 17% vitamin C content. They support the natural regeneration of the skin. revitalize and smooth heavy skin, whilst increasing skin hydration. The product takes effect from the inside out, and results in a visibly smoother face right after the first use. 

  • Face contouring with cocoa butter
    We are well aware of the fact that treating surface wrinkles is not sufficient. Face contour is the primary aspect when estimating people’s age. This treatment restructures the skin, facilitates regeneration, and tightens the skin from the inside. It takes affect at the point where ageing begins.

  • Revitalizing peat facial treatment
    The precious ingredients of the great peat bog provide a lively complexion. The mountain pine’s balmy scnet improves circulation in capillaries, and boosts the skin’s vitalizing effect. 
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