Sauna seance

During sauna séances a Sauna Master is present in the cabin together with the guests. The Sauna Master provides different aroma-based pourings for the participants, guaranteeing elevated heat and comfort. He/she also ensures the sauna is properly ventilated, and also guarantees a nice atmosphere inside - not a negligible aspect when it comes to relaxing and recreation.

A séance (or session) lasts up to 12-15 minutes, but needless to stay, guests are free to leave anytime, this is not an endurance test. Next, cool your body down, then take some rest, relax, and prepare your body for the upcoming challenge.

Sauna séance fee: HUF 600 / person / pouring.

The actual programme during sauna séances may vary depending on guests’ requests.

From the 4th of September, every even week Tuesday, Vilmos Rupert will be attending the séances as Sauna Master. Guests are required to enter the sauna in towels or sauna skirts, wearing of bathing suits is not allowed.

The use of sauna towels for sauna sessions is subject to a fee. Sauna towel rental fee: HUF500 / piece. 


Read about the benefits of some session types:


Essential Oils Session

The Sauna Master distributes 100% pure essential oil, mixed with water, on top of the heater. The aromatic hot air is highly beneficial for the mind and in treating and preventing respiratory diseases. The use of different aromas can make these session truly diverse. This activity is meant to be a ‘warm-up’, still it’s more intense than the traditional forms of saunas. Aromatic saunas can both relieve you of stress, and elevate your mood.


Fruit-Vitamin Session

Similar to the aromatic sessions the Sauna Master distributes 100% pure essential oil, mixed with water, on top of the heater. The circulating hot fragrant air provides joyful relaxation for all participants. To conclude the ceremony the Sauna Master offers cold, sliced fruits - a refreshing experience, and a real vitamin shot. These vitamins are absorbed much more efficiently after taking a sauna session.


Salt session

One of our active skincare programmes.

Following a short pre-sweating, guests are asked to rub refined sea salt, provided by the Sauna Master, into their skin, moist by sweat. The sea salt functions as a natural body scrub, eliminating swollen, dead skin cells, hence smoothing the skin. By applying salt, sweat glands become more active as well, further boosting detoxification. Salt contains many micronutrients and dietary minerals, which are soaked into the skin more easily when pores are dilated. It works best when combined with the Honey Session. It regenerates and tightens the skin, and alleviates the symptoms of cellulitis.


Honey session

Just like with Salt Sessions, following a short pre-sweating, guests are asked to rub blossom honey, dipped by the Sauna Master, into their moist skin. Due to the heat honey becomes liquid, and is absorbed quickly through the dilated pores. This process facilitates skin metabolism, and is effective in treating dermal contamination, acnes and minor scars. It hydrates, nurtures and relaxes the skin. By the end of the sessions guests are guaranteed to leave with refreshed, smooth and tender skins, not to mention the pleasant scent of honey.


Ice session

One of the most popular programmes. By placing ice on top of the heater amazing heat can be achieved within the cabin. The scene is amazing, and equally fun is the game played with the small pieces of ice handed out to guests. It’s invigorating to see the Sauna Master play with hot air, while giving guests the creeps. At the end of the session all participant are poured iced water on their bodies.


An intense way to experience real sauna sessions!

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