Facts and figures

The Aquaworld Resort Budapest  complex occupies a total area of 86 thousand m2 and the total ground space of the buildings is 54 thousand m2.

The two parts of the aquatic complex, Aquaworld Budapest, the aquatic adventure park, and Aquaworld Resort Budapest  Hotel with its own quiet bath unit, have a total of 21 pools, a total water surface area of more than 3300 m2 and a water mass of 4200 m3.

The outdoor car park and the underground car park of the Hotel together have a total capacity of more than 1000 cars.

The entire complex is equipped with a central air management system, air conditioning, a fire alarm and sprinkler system, a computer and telecommunications network and a building surveillance system, and the disabled are provided obstacle-free access to all facilities.

The karst well, of a bottom-hole temperature of 35 °C and a daily water output of 420 m3 is amply sufficient to supply the necessary quantity of water. Waste water is cleaned and made environmental friendly by an in-house cleaning system. Cleaned water is fed back partly to the garden lake and partly to the Mogyoródi stream.

Aquaworld Budapest is covered by an enormous dome, 72 m in diameter and 5-storey high; the total – unsupported – area under the dome is 4200 m2. The spherical-cap-shaped dome is constructed with a very special architectural technique developed originally in space research. It is fully transparent, protected by a multi-layer foil system, and it relies on glued wooden support structures. Hot air is circulated in two cells and the dome provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. Its internal pressure is adjusted to the weather conditions ever with the help of a control system governed by sensors. The supporting structure of the dome is made of 40m long ribs, fitted to the ring, 8m in diameter, at the top of the dome in a vault-like structure.

The maximum capacity of the Aquaworld Budapest water theme park is 1800 persons. 
Aquaworld Resort Budapest  Hotel includes an impressive main building, 8-storey high, with an ondulating external design, and a 4-storey Apartment House with underground connection to the main building. The Hotel has a total of 309 rooms, suites and apartments and a total capacity of 838.

In addition to the 1000 m2 conference centre located on the first floor, there is also a banquet room with terraces on the 8th floor. The premises are delimited by mobile walls, a unique arrangement in Hungary, offering the possibility of numberless variations. A maximum of 15 section rooms can be created, the biggest one with a capacity of 550, but the interconnecting premises are suitable also for hosting expositions or large-scale reception events.

The hotel conference centre has a capacity of almost 1000.

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